Gabriela Bo : Cristian Castro’s ex-wife

Gabriela Bo : Cristian Castro's ex-wife

Gabriela Bo is the ex-wife of Cristian Castro, a Mexican pop singer, who has been active in his musical career from 1991 to date. Gabriela’s ex-husband, Cristian, has been married and divorced three times in his lifetime and is currently single.

Who is Gabriela Bo?

Gabriela Bo was born in Asuncion, Paraguay on March 23, 1980. She is 43 years old now. Her nationality is Paraguayan and belongs to the white race. She is the daughter of Cristina Amaral and Eduardo Bo, one of the richest men in Paraguay. She chooses to keep her personal life away from the public.

Gabriela is a model and an actress by profession. Her modeling career was not as vibrant as her acting career, therefore there is no information about it. As an actress, she is credited with a few movies, which includes Sangre Fria ( a mini-series which was first aired in 2004), Soy Tu Fan (2006), Bailando Por Un Sueno (2008), and Caiga Quien Caiga (2008).

Though Gabriela Bo has made a name for herself through her acting and modeling career, her marriage to Cristian Castro is what made her known by most people.

Gabriela Bo was married to Cristian Castro for eleven months.

As stated above, Cristian Castro has married three times and all have ended in a divorce. Gabriela Bo was Cristian’s first wife. The former couple did not reveal anything about how and where they first met, but they are known to have married in 2003.

The marriage between Gabriela and her ex-husband, Cristian, lasted only eleven months. The cause of the divorce was revealed by Gabriela many years later. She revealed that the renowned singer had a ”strange” attitude and was also a violent man.

Gabriela Bo made many allegations against Cristian Castro. She claimed Cristian used to beat his mother, Veronica Castro. She was not the first person who made that allegation, other lovers of Cristian had also made similar claims.

Gabriela said: “I believe Yolanda when she says that Cristian hit Verónica Castro, I experienced it firsthand. He hit me. I tell it and even I feel sorry for her, she was very young and that was nothing, I still haven’t told the worst ”.

Gabriela Bo is now married to Florencio Basavilbaso Bioy.

After Gabriela divorced Cristian Castro, she remarried for the second time to a man named Juan Redini. She later divorced Juan, after they had produced two children, Santiago Redini and Tomas Redini.

Gabriela did not stop at love after her second marriage collapsed, she went on to get married to Florencio Basavilbaso Bioy, with whom she is still married.

Gabriela Bo met her current husband, Florencio through a mutual friend. She described her love for Florencio as love at first sight because she fell in love with him immediately after she set her eyes on him. A few months after their first meeting, they started dating.

In the course of their dating, Florencio spent time with Gabriela’s two children, Santiago and Tomas. He built a strong relationship with the kids and treated them as his own children.

Gabriela Bo and her husband, Florencio Basavilbaso Bioy have been married since November 2014, and are still together.

Gabriela Bo’s ex-husband: Cristian Castro

Mexican pop singer Cristian Sáinz Castro was born on December 8th, 1974. He was the first husband of Gabriela Bo. Cristiano Castro is also known to be the nephew of actors Ramón Valdés and Germán.

Born in Mexico City, Cristian is the son of actress and singer Verónica Castro and comedian Manuel “El Loco” Valdés. Cristiano Castro has a brother younger than him by the name of Michelle Sáinz Castro. Their uncle is José Alberto Castro, and have an aunt by the name of Beatriz Castro, both being producers. As a little child, Cristiano Castro had his acting debut with one telenovela series named El Derecho de Nacer. 

Castro was married to Paraguayan beauty Gabriela Bo. After divorcing Bo, he married Valeria Liberman, a Jewish woman from Argentina. After marrying Liberman, Castro embraced Judaism. Since his divorce from Liberman, he has returned to Roman Catholicism. He has residences in Mexico City and Punta del Este, Uruguay. As a young child, Castro received an autism diagnosis.