Who is Daniel Trueba? : Natalia Jimenez’s ex-husband

By | June 14, 2023
Who is Daniel Trueba? : Natalia Jimenez's ex-husband

Who is Daniel Trueba?

Daniel Trueba is a Cuban businessman, famously known as the ex-husband of Natalia Jiménez, a well-known Spanish vocalist who was the lead singer of the band La Quinta Estación. Daniel worked as a producer for Univision, an American-Spanish television network owned by TelevisaUnivision. He was later a manager for Natalia Jiménez.

Daniel Trueba is also known as the owner and director of Concept Live Entertainment Inc, a company that makes TV shows, specials, concerts, and award shows.

Daniel and Natalia married in 2015 and gave birth to a daughter named Alessandra in 2016. However, The couple separated in 2019 and have been tangled in a legal clash over their daughter’s custody. Daniel Trueba has accused Natalia Jiménez of drug addiction and being bipolar, while she has accused him of preventing her from traveling with their daughter. 

Daniel Trueba works in the entertainment industry

The entertainment sector has been a significant focus of Daniel’s career. He was a producer for Univision, where he worked on TV specials, concerts, and award programs, including the Latin Grammy, Premio Lo Nuestro, and Premio Juventud. He resigned from Univision in 2010 to work as Natalia Jiménez’s manager.

Additionally, he owns and serves as the director of Concept Live Entertainment Inc., a firm that creates award events, concerts, and TV specials. He has also worked as a producer and creative director for Endemol, a media business that created Mira Quién Baila in conjunction with Univision Network.

Daniel Trueba had a daughter with Natalia Jimenez

Daniel and his ex-wife, Natalie Jimenez produced a daughter and named her Alessandra. Their daughter Alessandra was born on October 21, 2016. Natalia Jiménez and Daniel Trueba dealt with a challenging and divisive custody dispute. Since filing for divorce in 2020, they have been embroiled in a court battle for their daughter Alessandra. Both sides have leveled accusations of drug addiction, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, and parental alienation at one another. 

They have also made opposing demands for their daughter’s travel, visitation, and custody. Daniel Trueba opposes Natalia Jiménez’s plea for joint custody. Instead, he sought sole custody and the right to restrict Natalia Jiménez’s access to his daughter while she was working on music ventures in Mexico.

Some media claim that Natalia Jiménez has prevailed in the court case and received custody of her daughter and the opportunity to go on vacation with her. Nevertheless, other sources imply that the matter is still pending and that both parties must pass psychiatric and drug examinations.

Who is Natalia Jimenez, Daniel’s ex-wife?

Spanish singer-songwriter Natalia Jiménez, born Natalia Altea Jiménez Sarmento on December 29, 1981, began her career as La Quinta Estación’s lead vocalist in the 2000s. The title given to her debut solo album was named Natalia Jiménez. Throughout her solo career, she has won Grammy and Latin Awards and sold over 3 million records worldwide. She has recorded duets with several top Latin music artists, including Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, and Marc Anthony.

Natalia Jiménez was born to a Portuguese mother and a Spanish father in Madrid on December 29, 1981. Jiménez and billionaire Antonio Alcol had a wedding planned for 2009. The pair parted ways after the wedding was called off.

Daniel Trueba, Jiménez’s longtime lover, and manager, and their surprise nuptials were revealed in 2016. She claims she wanted a private wedding and didn’t want the public to know until after the ceremony. A daughter was delivered to her and Trueba on October 21, 2016. She declared she and Trueba were divorcing on January 8, 2021 and claimed they had been apart for a while. Jiménez divides her time between Miami, Florida, and Mexico City, with frequent trips to her Madrid-based relatives.

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