How To Change Hotspot Name On Your Android Phone

If you frequently use the hotspot feature on your Android phone to connect your other devices to the internet, you may have noticed that the default name supplied to your hotspot can be unmemorable and generic. If this is the case, you have the option to change the name of your hotspot. Changing the name of the hotspot to something that is both original and instantly memorable is fortunately rather simple. In this piece, we’ll discuss the many different ways in which you can alter the name of the mobile hotspot on your Android phone.

Using the Settings App is the first method.

Changing the name of the hotspot can be accomplished in the simplest way possible by using the Settings app on your Android device. How to do it:

First things first: launch the app that controls your Android phone’s settings.

Step 2: Depending on the version of Android you are using, select “Connections” or “Network & Internet” from the menu that appears.

Step 3: Tap on either “Hotspot & tethering” or “Mobile hotspot.”

The fourth step is to select “Wi-Fi hotspot” or “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot,” depending on the version of Android you are using.

Step 5: Find the “Network name” or “SSID” field, and then tap on it to alter the name of the network.

Step 6: Give your wireless network a new name, and then save the modifications you’ve made to it.

Using the Quick Settings Panel is the second method.

If you want to modify the name of the hotspot in a more expedient manner, you can use the quick settings panel that is available on your Android phone. How to do it:

The first thing you need to do is open the quick settings panel by swiping it down from the top of your screen.

Step 2: Search for an icon that looks like a miniature phone with waves emanating from it. This icon represents a hotspot.

Step 3: To access the hotspot settings, give the icon for the hotspot a prolonged push.

Step 4: Once you’ve located the “Network name” or “SSID” field, you may update the name by tapping on it.

Step 5: Give your wireless network a new name, and then save the modifications you’ve made to it.

Method 3: Utilizing an App Provided by a Third Party

You can use an app from the Google Play Store that is not developed by Google if you want to have even more control over the naming possibilities for your hotspot. The following are some popular choices:

Master WiFi Hotspot WiFi Hotspot & Tethering Manager WiFi Hotspot Changer WiFi Hotspot Changer

No matter which approach you go with, you need to make sure that your changes are saved before you quit the settings or the app in order to make sure that the new name for your hotspot is saved.

Why Should You Change the Name of Your Hotspot?

You may be wondering why you should bother changing the name of your hotspot now that you are familiar with how to do it. A few of the causes are as follows:

Personalization: When you connect many devices to your hotspot, it will be much simpler to recognize if you give it a name that is distinct from the others.
Changing the name of your hotspot can make it more difficult for other people to recognize or guess what it is if you are concerned about its security and other people connecting to it.
If you use your hotspot for work purposes on a regular basis, choosing a name that comes across as professional can give clients or coworkers the idea that you take your work seriously.


Changing the name of the hotspot on your Android phone is a quick and easy process that can have a significant impact on how you utilize the hotspot function on your phone. A one-of-a-kind and easy-to-remember name for your wireless hotspot is an excellent method to accomplish many goals, including personalizing your network, enhancing its level of security, and presenting a more professional image. So go ahead and give your hangout a moniker that symbolizes your character or the reason for its existence.