Janet Michaels: George Brent’s Third Wife

Janet Michaels: George Brent's Third Wife

Who was Janet Michaels?

Janet Michaels is famously known as the late and third wife of Irish-American actor George Brent, with whom she shared a life that spanned 26 years before her passing, leaving behind her spouse and two children. She was the only spouse of George Brent he ever had children with. Janet Michaels was a former model and dress designer.

Besides being a housewife, she has also contributed to some movie series. Her elegance and creative flair extended to the world of fashion and entertainment. With a career that included modelling and designing dresses, she carved out a niche for herself in an industry that values aesthetics and innovation. Only a few things are known about Janet Micheals’ life, and the media needs to capture more about her personal life.

Janet Michaels remains a big name in the model and fashion industry

As mentioned earlier, Janet Michaels was well-known as a dress model and fashion designer. However, details of that are private. Also, she was known for contributing to the entertainment business. Her association with the television series “Mogul,” which ran from 1965 to 1972, is noteworthy. The series, which John Elliot created, centered on the complex relationships within the global oil firm known as “Mogul.” Janet’s participation in the series showcases her varied interests and maybe her attempt to enter the entertainment industry.

Janet Michaels was a continuous source of support for her family, even while the first season of “Mogul” explored the internal politics of the oil corporation with episodes centered upon industrial espionage, internal fraud, and the possible dangers on a North Sea oil rig. Her personal and professional contributions created an image of a woman who skillfully juggled the responsibilities of a spotlight job with the obligations of raising a family.

Janet Michael was a mother of two children

The coupling of Janet and George brought them two children. Their daughter Suzanne was born on August 3, 1950, and their son Barry on November 26, 1954. Not much is known about the lives of the former couple’s children due to reasons unknown. It is, however, assumed the couple decided to shield them from the public spotlight. Without a doubt, it is known that the family dealt with both the pleasures and difficulties that life presented.

Janet Michaels’ Husband: George Brent

Janet Michaels was married to Irish-American actor George Brent (born George Brendan Nolan; March 15, 1904 – May 26, 1979) and worked in theatre, cinema, and television. His eleven pictures with Bette Davis, which included Dark Victory and Jezebel, are what many remember him for the most. John J. and Mary Nolan welcomed Brent on March 15, 1904, in Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland.

His mother was a native of Clonfad, Moore, County Roscommon, while his father was a shopkeeper. He and his younger sister Kathleen relocated to New York City in September 1915. They went there to live with their mother, who had moved to the US following her divorce from her husband.

During the Irish War of Independence (1919–1922), Brent returned to Ireland in February 1921 and joined the Irish Republican Army. He also started to get connected with the Abbey Theatre around this time. Despite his subsequent claims to have been little more than a messenger for guerilla leader and strategist Michael Collins, he left Ireland with a reward placed on his head by the British authorities.

Some of the discrepancies concerning Brent’s birth year, life, and activities between 1919 and 1922 may have resulted from the apparent conflation of the careers of three different men named George Nolan (Brent and two others, one from County Dublin and the other from County Offaly) during the Irish War of Independence, according to Ballinasloe Life.

Brent was wed five times: in 1927 to Helen Louise Campbell, in 1932 to Ruth Chatterton, in 1937 to Constance Worth, in 1942 to Ann Sheridan, and 1947 to Janet Michaels. Sheridan, Worth, and Chatterton were actors, and Chatterton was a Warner Bros. player. His last union with clothing designer and former model Janet Michaels lasted 27 years until her passing in 1974.

Two children were born to them: a son named Barry (born November 26, 1954) and a girl named Suzanne (born August 3, 1950). Additionally, Greta Garbo and Bette Davis, who frequently costarred in Warner Bros. films, were the subjects of affairs for Brent. He had emphysema and passed away in Solana Beach, California, in 1979 from natural causes.