Paul Schoolman: Alice Krige’s Husband

Paul Schoolman: Alice Krige's Husband

Who is Paul Schoolman?

Paul Schoolman is an English movie director famous for being the husband of Alice Krige, a South African actress and producer. Her most significant break came in 1981 when she was featured in a movie by David Puttnam titled Chariots of Fire. Paul’s wife, Alice Krige, is an old student at Rhodes University and has had a long-span career from 1976 to date.

Paul Schoolman was born in London, United Kingdom. Paul was born on August 8, 1947, and is 76 years old as of 2023. The renowned movie producer seems to have a private personality and has yet to disclose any information on who his parents are. He has also not revealed any information on his family background.

As someone born in the United Kingdom, Paul Schoolman is a British national and belongs to the white race. By physical appearance, he is a very handsome man with long curly hair, which makes him look like someone from the Renaissance. Paul’s pointed nose also makes him stand out from the crowd.

Alice Krige’s husband, Paul, was trained for a career in movie production at the National Film School in London, United Kingdom. On the other hand, Alice attended Rhodes University for her education and later went on to polish her natural acting skills at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

Paul Schoolman is a writer and director by profession.

Paul Schoolman, who has been married to Alice Krige for a long time, writes and directs movies for a living, according to his biography on IMDB. Among some of his works include Shingetsu( An hour and thirty minutes movie that is full of Drama and war), Chariots of Fire( A 1981 movie that won four Oscars and numerous nominations), and Jail Caesar( This movie was produced in 2012, which told the story of one of history’s most influential figures, Julio Caesar).

One notable thing about the movies written and directed by Paul Schoolman is that. All those movies had his wife, Alice Krige, as a cast. Alice played an essential role in both Chariots of Fire and Jail Caesar.

Judging from the awards and nominations that Paul’s movies get, it could be concluded that he is good at what he does, which puts his alma mater, National Fim School, in a positive light.

His marriage to Alice Krige

Paul Schoolman has been married to Alice Krige since 1988. There is no information available on how the two long-time lovers first met. They have been together as a couple for thirty-three years now.

Paul and Alice’s marriage has been beautiful, and it also qualifies to be listed as one of the longest-standing celebrity marriages in Hollywood. They have not been in the news for anything controversial. They are usually seen together on the red carpet as a couple at most outdoor events.

In the thirty-three years of being together, the couple has not announced the birth of any child. Neither have they adopted any children. They live together as a happy couple in London, United Kingdom.

Paul Schoolman’s wife, Alice Krige, was born in Uppington, Cape Province, South Africa. She was born on June 26, 1954, and is 69 years old as of 2023. Alice is the daughter of Louise Krige and Patricia Krige. Her father, Louise, was a university professor, and her mother, Patricia, was also a physician.

Alice grew up in South Africa, where she attended Rhodes University. She entered the school to become a clinical psychologist, but after taking a course in acting, she diverted into acting. She graduated from Rhodes with a Bachelor’s degree in Drama.

After her first degree, Paul Schoolman’s wife, Alice Krige, moved to London to further her education in acting. She enrolled in the Central School of Speech and Drama. She started her acting career after the school in 1976 and has been active.

Alice has featured in high-profile movies and won numerous awards for her unique acting roles.