Jodi Barnett: Simon Barnett’s Wife

Jodi Barnet: Simon Barnett's Wife

Who Is Jodi Barnett?

Jodi Barnett is is highly recognized as the wife of Simon Bernett, a famous Radio and Television host. Jodi Barnett is 56 years old as of 2023, but her exact date of birth has yet to be discovered to the public. Jodi Barnet and Simon Bernet have four daughters together: Sophie, Bella, Lily, and Samantha. 

Jodi Barnett had been struggling with a brain tumor for quite some time. A heartbreaking update on his wife, Jodi’s struggle with brain cancer was provided by her husband, Simon Barnett, during a radio broadcast. After having a significant seizure that necessitated hospitalization, Jodi was found to have two tumors. The diagnosis was malignant despite their hopes for a benign one.

Following many months of chemotherapy, Jodi was supposed to begin radiation therapy. The couple was going through a complex and uncertain time, but they continued clinging to success tales from others who had experienced something like this. After 25 years of marriage, Simon still refers to Jodi as his soulmate. He has gained a new perspective on life’s objectives as a result of his health problem, highlighting how insignificant worldly belongings are in comparison to the possibility of losing a loved one.

The public currently needs access to information on Jodi Barnett’s work path. As a result, it is still being determined that she works for a living. It is said that Jodi Barnett wants to keep the media out of her personal life. However, given her husband, Simon Barnett, worked in the television business, Jodi’s profession may be focused on it; alternatively, she could only be a housewife.

Jodi and Simon has four children together

Jodi Barnett and Simon Bernat married and produced four children. The names of the couple’s children are Sophie, Bella, Lily, and Samantha Bernat. Two of Jodi’s children, Samantha and Sophie, joined their father, Simon Bernat, on Newstalk ZB to discuss Father’s Day and took a trip down memory lane in the year 2019.

The two girls recalled times when their father had attempted to circumvent their mother’s rules, but things hadn’t turned out quite as well as he’d hoped. It was a hilarious session; besides this, Jodi hasn’t shared many details about her daughters though. Barnett hasn’t made any online posts regarding her maternal relations either. She could do this in order to keep her private life private from the public.

Simon Barnett: Jodi Barnett’s husban

Jodi Barnett’s husband, New Zealand radio and television broadcaster and presenter Simon Barnett was born on March 23, 1967, and raised in Ashburton, a town in Canterbury close to Christchurch. He started attending Ashburton College in 1980 and graduated in 1984 while serving as Head Boy. He has four kids with his wife, Jodi, to whom he has been married since 1991.

Due to Jodi’s seizure issues, Barnett had to step down as Christchurch More FM’s morning host. He spoke out against the Child Discipline Bill that was being considered by the New Zealand Parliament and backed the “Vote NO” movement in the 2009 referendum on corporal punishment.

Up until 2018, Jodi’s husband, Simon Barnett, and Gary McCormick co-hosted the morning program on 92 More FM in Christchurch; before that, he did so with Phil Gifford. He has worked for Radio Nelson, had a breakfast show on 91ZM, and appeared in the 1990 New Zealand film Ruby and Rata. Barnett also triumphed in the 2015 season of Dancing with the Stars New Zealand.

From 1988 through 1992, Simon Barnett, served as the show’s host on the kids’ television program What Now? From 2008 to 2009, he served as presenter of Stars In Their Eyes, the New Zealand adaptation of the UK musical talent competition. He served as the host of the Mitre 10 Dream Home season in the Canterbury village of Kaiapoi in 2013. Simon Barnett started working for Newstalk ZB in Christchurch in 2019.