Nathan Kutcher: Carrie Henn’s husband

By | September 5, 2023
Nathan Kutcher: Carrie Henn's husband

Nathan Kutcher is a Canadian Rock Climber famously known as the spouse of famous Alien movie actress Carrie Henn. The couple Nathan Kutcher and Carrie Henn married on July 5, 2005. Carrie and Nathan were classmates at California State University, Stanislaus, and they both graduated in 2000. And they have been in love for a long time. Not much is known about marriage and personal lives as they prefer to keep it away from the media. 

Nathan Kutcher is a climber

As mentioned earlier, Nathan Kutcher is a Canadian climber who has created the most strenuous mixed route in Alaska and one of North America’s most challenging mixed climbs. In Keystone Canyon, west of Valdez, he has completed a new course called Contra that climbs an almost featureless, overhanging rock wall.  

Sharing more light regarding his rock-climbing career, in search of new climbing routes and the Valdez Ice Climbing Festival, Nathan Kutcher and Rebecca Lewis traveled to Valdez, Alaska. They looked for alternate ways in Valdez after bad weather forced the festival to be canceled. Surprisingly, they entered a complex wall with Contra and Flake It Till You Make It (M11), two adjacent dry-tooling pathways.

Kutcher’s choice of Contra offered a challenging climb with subtle seams and overlaps. It turned out to be considerably harder than expected to climb. A 20-meter-tall, overhanging wall with few features that required expert power climbing on dangerous footholds was present.

Contra was difficult, but Kutcher found the path thrilling looking back, despite the continual uncertainty it presented while ascending. The technical crux was a difficult dead point to an unreachable hold that required innovative methods like smearing.

Contra received an M13- from Kutcher, who was receptive to different people’s viewpoints. He recently attempted Saphira in Vail, one of the most challenging mixed climbs in the country, and questioned the climb’s projected M15- rating.

Kutcher thought that dry tooling should progress beyond just hanging onto bigger and bigger roofs in the future. Rock that is more vertically inclined or less so might provide additional difficulties. Flake It Till You Make It, a project that Rebecca Lewis was on the verge of submitting, was finished in her honor by Kutcher. The rating was M11.

Kutcher and Lewis intend to establish the Great Lakes Mixed Competition to encourage more individuals to participate in competitive dry tooling. They also wished to visit Valdez once again to investigate known and undiscovered routes.


Regarding the children of Nathan Kutcher and Carrie Henn, some sources say the couple have two children. Specific details regarding their children are almost impossible due to a personal decision to keep their lives off the media.


Nathan Kutcher’s wife, Caroline Marie Henn, was named Carrie Henn on May 7, 1976, in Panama City, Florida. Carrie’s father was formerly a member of the USA Air Force. She was raised in England together with her sister, Christopher Henn, and speaks with an English accent. She received a degree in liberal studies and child development from Califo State University in Stanislaus, where she also went for her schooling.

Nathan Kutcher’s wife, Carrie Henn, in The 1986 film “Aliens: Final Clash” played the part of a young girl named Rebecca Newt Jordan, made her a household celebrity. She even won a Saturn Award for it because of how well-received her performance in the film was. She was cast in films like “Triborn” and the television film “Alien Evolution” in addition to “Aliens: Final Clash.” Henn lives close to Stanislaus County, California, and is currently employed as a teacher.

In 2003, she was also a finalist for the DVD Exclusive Award and the Young Artist Award for outstanding performances by a young actress in a supporting role in a serious film. She currently makes a livelihood by working as a school teacher.

As mentioned earlier, Rock climber Nathan Kutcher and Carrie Henn wed on July 2, 2005. He has won various competitions and tournaments and is a professional rock climber. The pair lives close to Stanislaus County, California, and has a child. However, there is no mention of their child’s specific information. She just went to San Diego Comic-Con to see the cast of Aliens reunite for the event’s 30th anniversary. 

She has a sizable following on Twitter (5.4k followers), where she is somewhat active. Henn is five and six feet tall. When she posted the photograph to Twitter in July 2016, she stated, “My husband and I are enjoying ourselves immensely aboard the #IMDboat! This is absurd! What a wonderful evening.”