Linwood Simon: Gloria Gaynor’s Ex-husband

Linwood Simon: Gloria Gaynor's Ex-husband

Who is Linwood Simon?

Linwood Simon, full name Linwood Maxwell Simon, is a talent manager and the former husband of famous singer Gloria Gaynor. The couple got married in the year 1979 and remained married for about 26 years. However, the marriage came to an end in 2005 for reasons that his wife, Gloria Gaynor, shared with the public. 

Gloria Gaynor wrote the song “I Will Survive” in the year 1979, which got her a Grammy Award for the category of Best Disco Song in 1980. Gloria claimed that she came up with the song following a complex spine procedure that required the removal of a ruptured disc and the fusion of two vertebrae. The song has powerful lyrics, capable of energizing someone going through heartbreak or capable of bringing people to realize they deserve to be treated well. This brings us to Linwood Simon’s divorce from his ex-wife, Gloria. 

Apparently, Linwood Simon did not care about Gloria’s health. She shared a situation where she had a terrible migraine and asked him to help her get medical attention at the hospital, but Linwood Simon showed no care regardless of the pain she was going through. Another issue with the marriage was that Linwood Simon’s wife was a lover of children, but since he did not want children, the couple did not have one. 

Gloria suggested adoption, but he still declined that proposal; with this, one can say Linwood was selfish. With all this, Gloria Gaynor stayed with him before deciding to pull the plug after 26 years of being together. She is still single at the age of 80 as of 2023. However, she looks stunning and young with no regrets and hopes to meet someone someday.

There needs to be more information on Linwood Simon’s private life as to knowledge whether he has married again or is still single. There is also no information regarding his date of birth or hometown since he was less famous than his ex-wife was.

Linwood Simon abandoned his career to manage Gloria Gayor

Linwood Simon was formerly a New York City Transit policeman but later changed his career to become Gloria Gaynor’s manager. He worked hand in hand with his wife to produce incredible songs like; I Will Survive (1978), I Am What I Am” (1983), Never Can Say Goodbye 1974 and Let Me Know (I Have a Right) (1979). Gloria, with this, won awards, and they made a good living in genres such as disco, R&B, etc.

Linwood also managed her acting career, where she contributed to movies like Bitter Moon (1992) and the movie The Replacements, released in 2000.

Linwood Simon did not have any children with Gloria Gayor

Linwood Simon and Gloria Gaynor, after 26 years of marriage, never produced any children. Gloria said that while she desired children, her husband was never interested. Nevertheless, she revealed that she doesn’t regret not having children when the couple’s 26-year marriage ended in divorce in 2005. She had accepted the situation at the time, and she wouldn’t have wanted to raise children in a shattered marriage.

Gloria stated that although she had thought about adopting, Linwood wasn’t on board, so she knew it was never going to happen. Gloria is pleased to say that she gets along well with her nieces and nephews. Always try to choose love & happiness in life, she stated beside a picture of her pet puppy. And Parker, her cuddly nephew, who unquestionably provides heaps of love every day!

Linwood Simon’s Ex-wife: Gloria Gaynor

Linwood Simon married Gloria Gaynor in the year 1979. Gloria Gaynor is an American singer who achieved fame during the disco era with songs including I Will Survive (1978), I Am What I Am” (1983), Never Can Say Goodbye 1974, and Let Me Know (I Have a Right) (1979). Gloria Gaynor was born on the 7th of September in the year 1943.

Gloria Fowles, daughter of Daniel Fowles and Queenie Mae Proctor, was born in Gaynor in Newark, New Jersey. She was raised with help from her grandmother, who lived nearby. Gaynor writes in her memoir I Will Survive, “There was always music in our house.”

Radio and songs by Sarah Vaughan and Nat King Cole were among her favorite musical genres. Along with performing professionally in nightclubs with the band Step ”n” Fetchit, her father also played the ukulele the guitar, and sang. With five brothers and one sister, Gloria was a tomboy growing up. In collaboration with a friend, her brothers started a gospel quartet and sang.

Due to Gloria being a girl and Arthur being too young, neither Gaynor nor her more youthful brother Arthur were permitted to sing with the all-male ensemble. In the future, Arthur managed Gaynor’s tour. Despite the family’s relative poverty, Gaynor remembers the home as being full of joy and laughter and the dinner table being open to neighbors. Gaynor attended South Side High School there until they relocated to a housing complex in 1960, where she eventually graduated in 1961.

Gaynor started singing at a Newark bar when a neighbor introduced her to a local band. Gaynor began her music career with Columbia Records in 1971 after spending several years playing in small bars throughout the East Coast.