Rocky Lachapel: Everything About Francisca Lachapel’s First Husband

By | September 20, 2023
Rocky Lachapel: Everything About Francisca Lachapel's First Husband

Who is Rocky Lachapel?

Rocky Lachapel is the ex-husband of famous actress Francisca Lachapel. Rocky’s ex-wife, Francisca Lachapel, is an American actress, television show host and a former beauty pageant winner. She rose to fame when she was announced the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina, in April 2015.

Rocky’s date of birth is unknown, but it is assumed he is in his late 30s, judging by physical appearance. There have been mentions that he is involved in business related to home reconstructions.

Rocky Lachapel’s marriage to Francisca Lachapel

Rocky Lachapel and his former wife Francisca Lachapel married in 2010, but after just six years, Francisca decided to end things. Rocky is remembered by most for his rapid ascent to the platform to embrace his wife after she was named Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015, which attracted more attention than usual. 

The couple sadly got divorced in 2016. She mentioned that life as a celebrity brought a lot of challenges, resulting in their breakup. Francisca claimed to have endured a painful divorce that they ultimately went through. Even today, when she thinks about it, her voice breaks. Regardless of this, she claims she is still in good terms with Rocky, and they had to separate for good, and proof of this is how she still decided to keep her ex-husband’s last name even though she is now married to someone else. 

Speaking of someone else, Francisca Lachapel met Francesco Zampogna, a businessman and ex-football player, in Dubai on a romantic getaway two years after her divorce in 2018. They wed in 2019. But because Lachapel released her wedding photos a little late, the announcement of her engagement surprised her followers.

However, on Rocky Lachapel’s side, speculations were being made regarding the divorce, with rumors that Rocky was gay, living off of his wife Francisca, and even stealing $75,000 from her. This made Rocky come out of his shell to make things clear. He said he has never even purchased a Coke with her pay. He wants to set the record straight because people have been disparaging even his family. Everyone claims that she broke up with him because he is gay. It’s entirely untrue. 

Rocky mentioned that Francisca’s life is not that of a superstar. Therefore, he still determines whether people believe she is a billionaire just because she appears on television. For everything he possesses, she never paid it.

He began to tell the story of what happened; Rocky said that on Valentine’s Day, everything completely went apart. When he asked her about her plans for the day, she said she wasn’t in the mood to do anything. He recalled that she was “acting weird” when she got up.

They eventually started talking that day. She said she had been itching to chat for a long but hadn’t known how to approach the subject. Although I tried my best, the marriage could not be saved. He said he always tried to do things right and be the greatest husband he could be during their marriage. He gave up his New York life, job, and apartment to follow her to Miami to continue supporting her in her profession.

Rocky Lachapel’s career

Information on Rocky’s career trajectory is unclear, but from social media posts, we can assume he is involved in business related to home reconstruction, with which he is associated with a company called Lachapel Company.

Rocky Lachapel did not have any children with Francisca Lachapel

Rocky Lachapel and his ex-wife Francisca Lachapel never had a child during their time together. However, Francisca revealed she’d have a child with her new husband, Francesco Zampogna. While Francisca Lachapel enjoys her pregnancy and recent marriage, her ex-husband Rocky Lachapel frequently posts pictures of himself on social media with red, wet eyes. He claims it is due to sleepless nights and so much work from his business, but come on, we all know what is wrong.

Who is Francisca Lachapel, Rocky Lachapel’s Ex-wife?

Rocky Lachapel’s ex-wife Francisca Antonia Méndez Zampogna, an American actress, TV personality, and winner of the Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 crown, was born on May 5, 1989 in Azua de Compostela. She co-hosts the well-liked morning program Despierta América! on the Univision Network. Following the cancellation of her two big shows and galas due to COVID-19 exposure, she appeared in Tu Cara Me Suena. She engaged in and made appearances on Dominican television during her teens. In 2010, she immigrated to the USA.

Francisca participated in an audition for Nuestra Belleza Latina in New York City, where she made it to Round 2 and was given the opportunity to continue the competition in Miami. Francisca was named Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2015 after 12 weeks of competition, making history as the first Dominican to take home the title.

Francisca, Alejandra Espinoza, and Ana Patricia Gámez are the only Nuestra Belleza Latina winners who have never finished in the Bottom 2 or 3. She received $200,000 in awards, a Kia Soul, a one-year contract with Univision Network, and recognition as one of the 50 most attractive individuals of 2015 by individuals en Espaol magazine.