Stuart Hagler: Get To Know Natalie Gal’s Ex-husband

By | November 26, 2023
Stuart Hagler: Get To Know Natalie Gal's Ex-husband

Who is Staurt Hagler?

Stuart Hagler is the CEO of TransCoastal Corporation, an oil and gas corporation. He is famous for being the ex-husband of actor and model Natalie Gal. Stuart Hagler was born in 1967 and is 52 years old as of 2023. He lives in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Hagler married Natalie Gal in the year 2004 even though Stuart is 22 years older than Natalie. Natalie Gal and Stuart Haglar gave birth to a girl in 2005, but after four years, their marriage ended for reasons unknown in 2009. Not much is known regarding Staurt Haglar’s personal life besides what has been mentioned above. 

Stuart Hagler is into oil and gas

Stuart Haglar is the CEO of TransCoastal Corporation, a corporation involved in producing and exploring natural gas and oil. Its main objective is to exploit Texas’s natural gas and oil reserves. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the firm was created on April 8, 1996, by Stuart G. Hagler, Wilbur A. Westmorland, and David J. May.

He oversees the operation of the whole corporation, and so far, it has emerged as one of the greatest. Stuart Haglar schooled at Southen Methodist University- Cox School of Business. This is what we know regarding his career so far.

Stuart Hagler had a daughter with Natalie Gal

Natalie Gal and Stuart Haglar gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Angelina Hagler. She was born in 2005, and as of 2013, she is 18 years old. It is unknown who has custody of their daughter, however, they manage to give their daughter all the support and attention she needs to grow up mentally and physically fit.

Specific details regarding their daughter Angelina’s life are unknown; it is assumed that Natalie Gal and Stuart Haglar prefer not to have the media spotlight on their daughter.

Stuart Hagler’s Ex-wife: Natalie Gal

Stuart Hagler was married to Actress and model Natalie Gal from the United States before they divorced. She was born in 1989 into a household that included a poet and an opera singer. At age six, Natalie began learning ballet, gymnastics, and the arts in addition to playing the piano, singing, and acting in plays. She is frequently likened to a teenage Angelina Jolie, regarded by the media and publications as an up-and-coming young actress.

She studied acting at New York University and is proficient in English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian. In addition to having agencies in Moscow, London, and Paris, Natalie is represented by Pinkerton Models in Los Angeles, Elements Beauty, and Pommier Models in Miami. Natalie participates actively in a number of international charities.

Stuart Hagler’s ex-wife, Natalie Gal, worked with Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) in 2009 and 2010. Later, in September 2010, she was selected to serve as chairman of People Power Progress (PPP), an organization that encourages young people to participate more in the political, social, and economic life of their nation.

Natalie participates in PETA initiatives and is an active member of the organization. She presents a show on NEWTV and produces her television program “Fashion Destinations,” which airs globally on FashionTV (FTV). She resides in Los Angeles and produces projects there. She also goes to New York, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, Austin, London, and Paris on a regular basis for business.

Stuart’s ex-wife, Natalie Gal, has acted in several films and posed for various companies, including Vivienne Tam, Chanel, Cavalli, Alexander Wang, Prada, Levuk, Allison Parris, Pantene, Wella, Nexxus, VS, CoverGirl, Guess, Diesel, Alexander McQueen, Revlon, worked for CWTV, and appeared on the covers of magazines like Grazia, Mademoiselle, Madam Figaro, Modern Luxury, 944, Ten10, Innocent, Elle Greece, Surface, Arsenic, Moda, Fit, Supermodel, Face, and Fitness, to mention a few. In addition to pursuing her acting career, Natalie travels frequently to build her brand as a model.